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Shape Development
VSD Grafx offers development of Visio shapes ranging from simple designs to complex high quality visuals.  The HP, IBM, Dell, Eaton, Mellanox, NetApp, Data Domain, nCipher, Oracle, and VSDfx collections on the VisioCafe reflect the quality of our work.

Development can consist of:
  • Product Front Views, Rear Views, Logical Views, and 3D Isometric Views
  • Custom designs, Preparation for automation, and Custom properties
  • Completed shapes are property of client, not us, with embedded copyrights in every piece.
We will also work with your product development teams to prepare your product Visio shapes before a product even goes public. When you launch your product, your Visio shape is ready and launches at the same time.

Why work with VSD Grafx? Because;
  • we develop shapes of the highest standards and they remain your property
  • we are experienced in the computer industry and we understand the technology we design the Visio shapes for
  • we provide high quality shapes at competitive rates
  • we strive to be the best at what we do
Customers, partners, and resellers are looking for your product shapes to use in their Visio diagrams; we are here to help you give them what they need.
Contact:  info@vsdfx.com  for more information.

Visio Cafe
The VisioCafe provides a place for the public to download free Visio stencils from the technology and computer industry.  Its goal is to host the Visio collections of as many vendors as possible and to become the 'go to' site for all Visio stencils including those that are Microsoft developed (VNE), Vendor developed and even individually developed.

VisioCafe currently sees over 100,000 unique visitors a month which is great exposure for your products.

If you would like to have your Visio stencils on VisioCafe, please contact them at info@visiocafe.com for more information.

What shape are your drawings in?

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